Mr. Headache

Hey Mr. Headache. How are you? You told me that you have an extraordinary headache again this night.

As a doctor someday, you should have an ability to make self diagnosis based on what your body telling to you. I always feel sad and worried everytime you say that you get a real headache. Feel like there is something wrong with you.

Ah, talking about you will spend a lot of time. It’s never enough. Hahaha. You are responsible for my feeling. Feeling bitter, salty, spicy, acid, and sweet. And for that I give thanks to you.

Thank you for being my everything. Thanks for being person who always still listening whenever I twaddle about everything in my life, still here with me no matter how irritating I have always been, being the place to lean when I had to go through the bad phases of my life, always reminds me to pursue and catch my dreams, and for your stories, lesson, advices, laughs, and loves.

And will it be forever? The future is full of uncertainties. Only God know every future before it happens. I promise nothing about forever. But I would stay by your side no matter how bad things might get until we depart. So sweet hahaha.

Good nite Mr. Headache. Wish you get well soon :3

dengan suasana mata dan hati yang random serta grammar penuh kehancuran

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